Sunday, June 17, 2012

On Thursday, June 14, 2012, the Transportation, Housing, and Environment (THE) Committee of the Prince George's County Council considered CB-040-2012 (Word doc), the Stormwater Management Retrofit Program. The goal of the program is to create incentives for property owners to mitigate stormwater runoff that floods our basements, erodes our property, and damages our parks and public spaces.

Similar, highly successful programs already exist in DC and Montgomery County, so this piece of legislation would keep the county competitive in the region. The proposed Prince George's program would offer a rebate to individuals, businesses, or non-profits that build certain stormwater retrofits on their property.

2010 09 16 - 4753-4755 - Washington DC - USDOT
Attractive stormwater management in DC Photo by Andrew Bossi, Flickr

These types of retrofits are win-win because in addition to mitigating damaging stormwater runoff, they also create a more attractive property where people are more likely to want to shop, live, and work. DC-based Casey Trees found that "people are willing to travel farther, visit more frequently and pay more for goods and services in business districts with trees – on average 12 percent more."

The bill passed the THE committee unanimously so if you are represented by Mary Lehman, Eric Olson, Karen Toles, Derrick L. Davis, or Obie Patterson tell them thank you! If you are represented by Will Campos, Ingrid Turner, Andrea Harrison, or Mel Franklin, be sure to reach out to them soon and let them to vote for CB-40 when it comes before the full council.

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