Action Plan

2013 Action Plan for Healthy Development and Healthy Communities in Prince George’s County

Build complete and walkable streets
The Complete Streets plan passed this spring will create shade for walking and safe places for our children to play. Now we need to implement the plan.

Effective Stormwater Utility program
Fund needed improvements to prevent flooding, wet basements, and damage to parks and other public spaces.
*County approved CB-45-2013 on July 24, 2013!

Retrofits initiative
Help businesses and citizens bring healthy development home with a rebate for healthy retrofits.
*County approved CB-40-2012 on July 24, 2012!

Bay cleanup plan
The WIP is the county’s plan to stop polluting our streams. In the end this helps the Chesapeake Bay, but it benefits our county first.

County clean water permit
Stormwater runoff is regulated by a federal Clean Water Act permit known as an MS4. A strong MS4 means faster and better investment in healthy communities.

We have great quality of life in Prince George’s County.
It could be even better with a healthy development plan.

Click here to see and download our Action Plan handout.

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